Saturday, 18 December 2010

Boxing Day Service

For next Sunday, 26th - how about some thoughtful fun? The BBC Radio 4 Sunday Programme is asking listeners to write there own religious limericks. Here are two examples especially written for the programme by the Poet and Broadcaster Ian McMillan:

My diary is empty and blank

The year's engine just needs a crank

Then the still sound of prayer 

Through the year's turning air
Puts plenty of faith in the bank.

... and the more seasonal:

Three wise men, a stable, two sheep,
One manger, one baby asleep,
Bright star high above,
Some lowing, some love,
A story as wide as it's deep.

So how about we write our own Christmas limericks and share them at the service at 11 a.m. Sun 26th Dec Lansdowne Church Hall? If you can't come e-mail them to me. The best ones could be sent to Radio 4.

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