Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christianity in Public Life

The press, the internet  and the 'blogosphere' are much exercised by the 'Not Ashamed' campaign.  What do you think?  Ekklesia and the British Humanist Association among others have joined in.

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Tom Donald said...

the campaign states "Looking back, Jesus Christ has influenced the shape of our society more than any other person. The values that flow from Him have been embedded in our culture, our laws and our social institutions and have brought great benefit to our nation."
I suppose we should be grateful that we're not expected to write "PBUH" after Jesus's name, but apart from that these fanatics seem intent on destroying the Secular State that is our only defence against institutional bigotry and rule by frustrated old men. Why should their church have even more privilege and power when it is institutionally homophobic and chronically misogynist? I think they SHOULD be ashamed.