Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Here come the Limericks!

There was a young woman called Mary
Who found out something real scary
For though undefiled
She was heavy with child
And Joseph became very wary.

Sing out young Mary, sing strong
Find voice, find strength, a new song,
For the sated must fast
When the starved eat at last
and God lifts the ones who wait long.

Joseph quailed at the innkeeper's glance
As he stared at the travellers askance
My hotel is full
Only room for the mule
Did you not think to book in advance?”

Men who long studied the skies
In science and art deeply wise
Came travelling afar
Led by high wisdom's star
To a manger, a child, their prize.

Shepherds arise now and sing
And heaven's own angels take wing
The child in a manger
Amidst friends and strangers
Can he be one born to be king?

There were three wise men from Babel
Led west by an age-old fable
The star led them on
From night until morn
To the messiah born in a stable.

The wife of the elderly sage
Heard news of his trip with outrage
You've followed a star?
Who knows how far?
Normal men take up golf at your age!”

Three wise men who came from afar
For directions did follow a star
It's needless to say
They soon lost their way
Should've had a sat-nav in their car!

There once were three hot-footed Magi
Who were experts in things like the night sky
A heavenly King
would be quite the thing”
So they homed in without using wi-fi.

Three star-gazing kings had a notion
To travel by camelular motion
And look for a King,
about whom we all sing
Their arrival caused quite a commotion.

King Herod was full of vexation
When he heard of a threat to his station
From thee traveling kings
who were bringing good things
To present to the Lord of the nation.

Rachel, crying and railing
Wasted young lives bewailing
She will not be silenced
By Herodian violence
Young victims' witness unfailing.

The earth still turns on its axis
Laws of physics still hold us in place
But a birth has occurred
And God’s fragile word
Irradiates nature with grace.

The baby outgrew the manger
The shepherds went back to their sheep
Those who were wise
Again scanned the skies
But Mary, still thought, long and deep.

The Word made flesh has come here
To worlds deep with joy or fear
Walking in darkness, this light's
Grasped by vision not sight
God's sign, the Christ child most dear.

Christmas is here once again
Bringing God's blessings to men
And so we are here,
Full of good cheer
All thanks to Lord Jesus. Amen.


catriona said...

Fantastic! What a feast!

Roy said...

...and from my dad, brother, sister and related company:

Lowly cattle and stable bear,
made a home for the p'rental pair.
On Christmas morn
the babe was born,
and shepherds and kings flocked to stare.

Not to mention:

Mary and Joseph had the blues
cos the baby was born among the coos!

Roy said...

So, is the stable bear Yogi, Baloo, Pooh?

Catriona said...

Or Paddington?