Wednesday, 22 September 2010

End of Life Assistance Bill

According to The Herald newspaper, my predecessor at Lansdowne Church, Ian Galloway has made waves at the Scottish Parliament.

It appears that comments he made (later clarified) during a consultation about the End of Life Assistance Bill were rather controversial. You can read the Herald and Ian's later comment and decide for yourself.

I am asking myself the following questions. Why should a church minister's comment still have such power to be newsworthy or be taken to be a pronouncement?  Isn't any talk of taking life controversial anyway? Can such a subject not be controversial? Why are comments that question our responses to the taking of human life so provocative?

Wild Geese, Holy Cities and other things beside....

From Graham Maule's latest news release:
Dear friends,
a variety of events which might interest you, hosted variously by Christian Aid Scotland, Hadeel Palestinian Crafts and Take One Action... those happening soonest appear first. You can find more information on the Holy City site: Navigate to 'Other recommended events' to see the details.

   Thursday 23 September - Tuesday 5 October 2010, 
   Edinburgh & Glasgow
Palestinian Supper & Entertainment
   Saturday 25th September 2010, Edinburgh
'Good Fortune'
   Friday 1 October, Edinburgh
What Is Contextual Bible Study... a launch
   Saturday 9th October 2010, Glasgow
'Will the Millennium Development Goals Deliver for Women?'
   Wednesday 13th October, Edinburgh
'Robin Hood Strikes Back! Making money work for a better world'
   Sunday 17th October, Edinburgh

the Holy City programme for 2010-11 will be 'Acting Up' - from faith to lifestyle in challenging times.

The dates and themes are now available online at the Holy City website:;

Graham Maule, Holy City/ WGRG/ LTQ Scotland

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Book Launch - 9th October

As you can see over at the Contextual Bible Study Scotland Weblog there be a special event at Wellington church on October 9th to launch the 'What is Contextual Bible Study?' book.

It will begin at 10.30 am and finish at 2.00pm. Lunch provided.