Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hmm, again....

There we were, socialising, and I bumped into a pal. We traded light-hearted banter about Prof Dawkins, belief and atheism. All in good heart. I made fun of RD, my pal stood up for him. All fine and dandy and perfectly healthy. The thing is, I had a 'Hmm' moment afterwards.

I realised that I react to RD (and the so called 'New Atheists') as if they are loud hectoring bullies. My pal says RD is a good thing 'because he stands up for us atheists'. So, does my friend see people like me, churches, religious leaders etc. as loud hectoring bullies? On reflection, I also react to people in the churches whose views I do not share as if they are 'loud hectoring bullies'.  This means that I am motivated by fear which cannot be a good thing.

Experience tells me that the use and abuse of power is a reality in every walk of life, religious, secular, whatever. We all play power games. The question I am thinking 'Hmm' about is: "How self-aware am I about the power I have and how I use it?" Hmm.....

So thanks, friend, for making me think. 

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