Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Special Commission, Moratorium, General Assembly

For information, here is the latest communication from the Principal Clerk about the Special Commission on Same Sex Relationships and the Ministry...

"The Report of the Special Commission on Same Sex Relationships and the Ministry will officially be released on Thursday 21st April. While there has already been some speculation in the media as to its content you will soon see for yourself that its conclusions and recommendations have not been fully and fairly represented.

However, the lifting of the embargo on the Report does not mean the lifting of the moratorium instructed by the General Assembly of 2009. With a few exceptions the moratorium has been respected and it will be important in these last few weeks before the General Assembly for due restraint to be exercised in order that the will of the Assembly continues to be upheld.

The Office of the General Assembly, therefore, respectfully reminds ministers and office bearers that it will be for the General Assembly to discuss and debate the contents of the Report. Therefore, ministers and office-bearers should not allow themselves to be drawn into making comments to the media nor to conduct a debate in columns of the press.

Rev John Chalmers
Principal Clerk"

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