Monday, 26 December 2011

Context, Context, Context ...

Happy Boxing Day!
Jings. School Assemblies and Abercorn Secondary and Oakrgrove Primary, Carol singing around the parish, Carol services in St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral and Cumbrae House Nursing Home and of course Watch Night and Christmas day in Lansdowne Parish Church.
All very rewarding and thought-provoking. A double booking in the nursing home meant that yours truly led in prayer and a choir from St Aloyisius sang - and sang beautifully at that. Mary and Joseph sang their hearts out at Oakgrove and Elvis joined a cast of many at Abercorn. Lansdowne was pleased to welcome visitors from the East - well Wishaw and from round the corner to the watch Night service. And they added greatly to the event and friend old and new attended on Christmas Day.
Every event was different, each one was unique. The birth being celebrated took place in a specific time and place, had its own cultural and historic context. The Word was made flesh, there and then full of grace and truth. It communicates today, in our times, our contexts, still gracious, still truthful.
One prayer has had particular resonance for me this year:

Holy One,
We wait for you
to come to us again,
baby-small and vulnerable,
to grace our poverty,
our humanity
with a heart beat a breath and a cry.

Holy One,
you wait for us
to notice you again,
baby-small and vulnerable,
here in these people
and in this place,
present in a heart beat a breath and a cry.

May the guiding Spirit
once again bring your waiting
and our waiting together,
to lift up the vulnerable,
and confirm the beauty of our humanity,
each heart beat, every breath and cry
bringing to birth renewed lives
filled with everlasting hope. Amen.
'Holy One' , Janet Lees – shine on, star of bethlehem, Canterbury Press 2001

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