Saturday, 14 January 2012

Presbytery Plan and Creativity

Creative Options for Presbytery Planning – Information Evening
Partick Trinity Church (20 Lawrence Street, G11 5HG)
Thursday 19th January, 7.30-9pm


p mcfarlane said...

Brothers and Sisters of Lansdowne.
Upon sorting through some memorabilia from my trip to Scotland in search of roots, I found a bulletin from May 22, 1994when I was privelaged to attend services in your wonderful church. I was at the time on my first visit to what we call the "old country" here in the "colonies".
It was especially memorable for me not just because of the building but because I was made to feel so genuinely welcome to stay for tea and a chat in the vestibule.
One thing that baffled and concerned me though was where the money would come from for maintenance of these precious buildings as I noticed the signs of deterioration and wondered what would become of them.
I was delighted then to find in my internet search that the fellowship is ongoing and that the maintenance committee have been busy as the excellent photo gallery shows.
I wish I was in the position to donate a brazillion to the cause.
Press on, thanks for the tea and welcome!
Peter McFarlane,
Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada

Roy said...

Dear Peter,
It is very encouraging to hear from 'the colonies' and heart warming to know that you felt so welcome here back in 1994...
We continue to face the challenge of maintaining and developing the church. It is very challenging but we have good friends and fell travellers.
All the very best to you and yours!
Kind regards