Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Holy Week Musings - 1

On Sunday evening the team who led the service at Hillhead Baptist Church led us into Holy Week with a service that set the scene and anticipated the story that is going to unfold. Ainger's 'Mary's Child' is one of those simple songs that gets me every time.
On Monday in Wellington Church our worship focussed on the story of Mary anointing Jesus in John 12.
We sang Sydney Carter's 'Judas and Mary'. David contributed a thought and prayer-provoking meditation on the washing motif as it reoccurs: Mary and Jesus, Jesus washing the disciples's feet, Pilate washing his hands, the women going to wash and anoint Jesus' corpse, John the Baptizer washing people in the Jordan. A G-d who washed clean a creation God loves, knows and transforms at an intimate level. Is this in contrast to the Genesis story of the flood? Or a transformation of it? Is there a 'through the waters' aspect - Exodus and all that? Hmmm.... these waters will run and run.

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