Monday, 1 October 2012

Cafe Church - day one ...

Well, thanks to all who took part behind the scenes and before them! You know who you are, and you did a grand job.

I think that it is fair to say that anxieties were assuaged and also that some 'how to' concerns have been uncovered. More than that, Cafe Church day one, shows that we can mix a convivial, conversational gathering with a worshipful one. Plus, we will get better at it as we go ...

Ann Morisy writes of 'Appropriate Liturgy' and people devised that very thing yesterday. Perhaps with more prompting from yours truly than they really needed - ministerial habits die hard and it is hard to let go! Between the table talk reflections on the Harvest Thanksgiving theme and the input from Tim Cowen of Woodlands Community Garden, the gathering generated its own prayers of thanksgiving, intercession and commitment.

Oh, .... it was fun and the coffee was nice too.

What will we do next month?

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