Tuesday, 15 May 2012

General Assembly 2012

Yours truly is a commissioner at this year's General Assembly (May 19th - 25th) so I have started on the 'Blue Book' of reports, deliverances and whatnot from the many councils and committees of the Church of Scotland. The interim report of the special commission on ministerial tenure has already caught my eye... the matter of ministers as employees and/or office holders remains firmly on the agenda.

On Sunday 20th May I will attend the service at St Giles and also Heart & Soul 2012. Unfortunately I'll miss our local Parish Grouping picnic and celebration - so, all the best to all involved. It will be very sunny, honest!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Work in Progress....

A Place For Hope is getting its new website up and running. It is very much work in progress. Then again, aren't we all? Until it is ready you can read about the project on the Church of Scotland site or at the older site.