Friday, 29 March 2013

Holy Week 2013 Day 5

Yesterday: -
Oakgrove Primary School Assemble, St Georges Tron C of S lunchtime service, worship in Cumbrae House and preparation throughout for Easter Day services. In the evening Maundy Thursday Communion at Kelvinside Hillhead. I am againstruck by the persistence of the gospel witness to Jesus final week... historical (re)constructions, atonement theories, theologies, explanations and opinions abound. But what is there really to say? Especially today...

For me, the verse that does not leave unsaid what we are grasping at is Abelard's:

This night the traitor, wolf within the sheepfold,
betrays himself into his victim's will;
the Lamb of God for sacrifice preparing,
sin brings about the cure for sin's own ill.

Today across the Parish Grouping:
Family worship for God Friday - from 10.30 am at Hillhead Baptist Church
Vigil at Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church - from  Noon  until 3pm
Tonight - Partick Trinity Parish Church - 7pm

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