Saturday, 30 March 2013

Holy Week 2013 Day 6

Looking back from this Saturday on to a full week...

Palm Sunday - the two processions of Pilate and Jesus into Jerusalem. Also, a thought provoking afternoon about contemporary Scotland and worship in the Baptist Church.  Questions arising about truth - public and personal, about health, well being and powers that dominate our lives.

Monday - the surprisingly transgressive turns that faith and devotion may sometimes take and indeed demand of us. Time to let down our hair?

Tuesday - we are in the business of dying and rising, real death and then that which is not just 'coming back to life' but is the breaking in of something radically transforming and almost unsayable.

Wednesday - The wound that heals. Judas, Satan and the strange glory of the victim into whose true power the plotters fall. Ok, it sounds fit for 'Pseuds Corner' - but the best way to say it is - 'O Felix Culpa'. 

Thursday - feet washed, a last meal, handing over, denial, shock driven sleep and the Powers doing their worst.

Friday - nourishing and provocative moments of vigil snatched in Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church and St Mary's Cathedral, where Kelvin Holdsworth observed contra Sartre that Hell is not always other people. Sometimes like Simon of Cyrene they help us carry our burden. In the evening - Partick Trinity Church and the abiding question - 'Why Did Jesus Die?'

Today - Saturday. Sabbath. Waiting.  Tomorrow?

Kelvingrove Park Sunday 8 am
Lansdowne Parish Church 11 am
Wellington Church 7pm

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