Monday, 25 March 2013

Holy Week 2013 Day 1

Well, that was Palm Sunday 2013 that was. In the morning at Lansdowne, I drew upon Crossan and Borg's 'The Last Week' for thoughts on the two processions entering Jerusalem. The Imperial Roman procession of Pilate and the Kingdom of God counter-procession of Jesus. In the afternoon, I went to the 'New Road' event organised by West End ACTS. Though provoking. We learned of Scotland's health problems, the impact of consumerism, materialism and of celebrity culture upon us, and of various local initiatives of inspirational communities around Scotland.

One question that arose for  me concerns the role of the 'Church'.  On the very day when the Gospel story was one of Jesus staking a claim to public truth, we heard a challenge to the 'Church' to give a lead. To speak up for alternative values.  When we say 'church' do we mean church national, local, leaders, committees, laity? I am struck too, that this comes at the very time when the very place of faith in the public sphere at all,  is so much contested. Church(es), faith and religion seem to feature in public when there is scandal, conflict or when the 'God question' is debated.

In the evening, there was a remarkable service in Hillhead Baptist Church which again reminded us of Palm Sunday, and reading John 11 and 12 focussed our minds on what lies ahead. Are the two processions described by Borg and Crossan on the move today? If so when, how and where? Do we really face a choice of which procession we belong to?  Is this apposite to the choices to be made in today's secular Scotland?

Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church tonight - 7pm.

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