Monday, 21 October 2013

Things to come...:

...with other local Church of Scotland congregations:
Sunday 3rd November there will be a meeting of the Congregation at Lansdowne after the morning service to approve the 
Revised Basis of Parish Grouping. This will be available to read from this coming Sunday.

...with other interested parties:
Sunday 3rd November, Pre-referendum meeting
What kind of Scotland do we want to live in? What values and hopes should drive the nation's future? What issues particularly concern you? What should be our social priorities?

The Referendum:Imagining Scotland's Future. A public meeting to discuss these matters Hillhead Baptist Church, Sunday 3rd nov. 2:30pm-4:30pm

...with any who grieve a loss, recent or from the past:
Sunday 3rd November there will be a Parish Grouping 
Service of Grieving and Gratitude at 7pm in St John's-Renfield Church, 22 Beaconsfield Rd, Glasgow G12 ONY

...a full day, Sunday 3rd November 

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