Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bonny fat blue doves

At the Anniversary Dinner on Sunday we were able to present Roy (Rev Roy Henderson) with the second part of his leaving present. In spite of her being very busy working on tapestries at Stirling Castle we had been very fortunate to be able to commission Emma Jo Webster to weave two small tapestries. These were based on a small image taken from one of the amazing stained glass windows in Lansdowne made about 100 years ago by her great grandfather Alf Webster.These tapestries were sewn on to a preaching scarf made by another friend of Lansdowne, Susan McLachlan.Here are a few pictures of this unique gift.( See more photographs of the windows on the Flickr pages for Alf Webster and Lansdowne Church ) Four Acres Charitable Trust have set up a fund for the restoration of the window from which these images are taken.

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