Friday, 1 November 2013

Tea 'n talk

Something will be happening on Wednesdays....
13th, 20th, 27th November
Between 2pm and 4pm
At the church,
Lansdowne that is
There will be tea...
There might be coffee
and perhaps least a biscuit, or two
and talk 
about change 
and how it might go
You might want to come
You'd be very welcome.
We might have a book exchange...
You could bring your knitting..

More details soon


Sophie R said...

Wish I could come but Weds I'm working now... really hope all goes well for Lansdowne; I'm hoping to come along tomorrow, all being well.

Penny S said...

Thanks Sophie, Good to hear from you.Two big dates for Lansdowne will be 17th Nov when the service to mark the 150th Anniversay will be led by Laurence Whitley from the Cathedral and if the union plans go through the 1st Dec will be our last service as Lansdowne Parish church and we would hope that lots of folk would come to that and give LPC a good send-off!
The vote on the union is this coming Sunday 10th Nov, so we'll know more after that.Love to you all.Penny