Tuesday, 12 March 2013

St Georges Tron News

Holy Week and Easter 2013

These are only some of the Holy Week services around the area this year:

Palm Sunday 24th March – Hillhead Baptist
 Church 7pm
Monday 25th  – Kelvin Stevenson Memorial
 Church 7pm (Led by Gordon Kirkwood and Penny Stuart)
Tuesday 26 – St John’s Renfield
 Church 7pm
Wednesday 27th  – Wellington Church  7 pm (Led by Roy Henderson)
Thursday 28th Communion – Kelvinside Hillhead
 Church 7pm
Good Friday 29 – Partick Trinity
 Church 7pm
Ester Sunday 31 – Wellington
 Church 7pm
A Good Friday vigil will be held at Kelvinside Hillhead from 12 noon to 3pm
Easter morning service in Kelvingrove Park 8am led by Roy Henderson, then breakfast in the Crypt at Wellington.

See local church websites, newsletters, notice-boards etc for further news of what is happening there.

West End Action of Churches Together in Scotland presents ...

24th March - 2.30 – 4.30 pm
University of Glasgow Memorial Chapel

'The New Road – A Conversation for Palm Sunday'

A conversation with writers of a new series of books 'Postcards from Scotland' about the transformational changes our society needs.  Is the way we live our lives sustainable, economically, socially and culturally?

Phil Hanlon and Sandra Carlisle:
'After Now, What next for a healthy Scotland?'
Carol Craig:
'The Great Takeover – How materialism, the media and the markets now dominate our lives'
Alf Young and Ewan Young:
'The New Road – Charting Scotland's Inspirational Communities'

Further information from Alison Spurway
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