Thursday, 17 October 2013

photies,photies, photies

Hundreds of amazing photos of Lansdowne Parish church here at

Not the 'former' Parish church though :-)

Going visiting....

This Sunday, 20th Oct.
we will joining friends at
Kelvin Stevenson
Memorial Church
(along Gt. Western Rd, over Kelvin Bridge and turn right up Belmont St)
for Sunday worship at 11am.
Next Sunday, 27th October 
we're back in Lansdowne again, at 11am.

Join us?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

'Those who are travelling the road of life, sow seeds of peace and love'.

Today we were celebrating harvest and asking how the church can best garden and sow seed in apparently stony ground. 
We had a great time learning a song that was new to us from Guatemala (CH4 257) 'Come bringing hope into a world of fear'. Thanks to Tom Sissons who 'made the piano sing' and James Trimble for loan of the piano that sang!
Next week 20th Oct we visit friends at Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church, Belmont St. 
Join us there 11am.