Thursday, 8 October 2015

October at Kelvinbridge

This Sunday, 11th October

Harvest Service 11am
An all-age service of thanksgiving

Gifts in kind for the Lodging House Mission welcome.

These are the things they need:
Cereals - Corn Flakes/Crunchy Nut, Wheatabix, Rice Crispies,          

Sugar Puffs, Frosties, Coco Pops, Porridge
Tinned Soup
Tinned Meat/Fish
Tinned vegetables
Tinned fruit
Tea, Coffee (not decaf) 
Red Sauce, Brown Sauce,
Long grain rice, Broth mix
Dried peas , Lentils
Fresh/Diluting juice
Biscuits (Not Oatcakes or Cream Crackers)

Voyagers Club
Thursday 15th October, 7:30pm
A Night at the Pictures with David Marchant
There is a charge of £2:50 to cover tea and expenses and everyone is welcome.

Saturday 24th October
Harvest Supper 

In the church hall, 6:30 pm for 7pm
Two course meal + tea or coffee followed by a speaker from Christian Aid.
Tickets: adult £7, child £ 3:50 on sale at the church on Sunday 11th and Sunday 18th or contact Cathie McLaughlin

Raising funds for Christian Aid Harvest Appeal for Bolivia

Christian Aid red and white logo

Cocoa farmer holding sapling

Families in Beni, Bolivia struggle to feed themselves all year round. Our partner CIPCA brings cocoa saplings like this one as well as other ways for the community to diversify their sources of nutrition.

Sunday 25th October
Founder's Day Parade and Worship

All welcome

The Guild
Tuesday 27th October 2pm
Bethesada Academy
Speaker, Helen Hughes

Bethesda-Khankho Foundation is an organization for holistic transformation. We support and work with the disadvantaged tribal communities, particularly in state of Manipur in north-east India.
The organization is founded on the principle of sacrificial love locally expressed in the people's own altruistic tradition of Khankho.
We believe in the potential of the poor and marginalized people transforming their lives and the world and hence, our motto: 'Be transformed to transform.'
Our activities include:
(1) Bethesda Som-In. A secure Home for orphans and destitute children for leadership development providing food, shelter, clothing, education, spiritual and social development.
(2) Bethesda Academy - making quality and integral education accessible to all, particularly tribal children with a vision to prepare more educated, more inclusive, more tolerant and responsible global citizens.
(3) Training Programmes - equipping young people with skills for self-support.
(4) Indigenous Resources - providing online cultural, theological and devotional resources in the context of human struggle for dignity, meaning and peace.
(5) Leadership development - preparing leaders for the 21st century society by supporting young people for professional training in partnership with other organizations and providing consultancy services to those already in leadership positions.


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