Tuesday, 1 March 2016

This Friday...


World Day of Prayer - 'Receive children, receive me' - 
Written by Christian women of Cuba
Service in Kelvinside Hillhead Church, Observatory Rd. 11am 
and Hyndland Parish Church, Hyndland Rd. 7:30pm.

Every year on (or near) the first Friday in March, Christians around the world of all ages gather in small groups and large congregations using the same basic form of worship, written by womenof a different country each year on a theme chosen by the World Day of Prayer International Committee.

This year we pray with the women of Cuba for:-
- the ongoing dialogue on the embago
- more and better housing
- more medicines, food, personal hygiene items
- better more affordable transport
- single currency monetary system
- stronger , more settled family lives.

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