Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Space for Joy

This week the Advent Space in the Kelvinbridge building is 
 'A Space for Joy'

A Space for Joy 
and Sadness

Uncontainable, irrepressible, bubbling up in an explosion of energy; what the weary long for, what children often embody – JOY.
Joy is not a commodity that can be bought or sold, but lives deep in the human spirit. In these days may we be able to let go of what our consumer culture says will bring us happiness – money, success, a scramble to the top that leaves us flat. May we find true joy in being children of God, being loving neighbours, and justice and peace seekers.
God give us joy in this Advent, as we wait and watch and wonder how you might reveal yourself to us.

And in these days when the focus of the community is on the coming of love into the world, on the expression of that love in families, on having many friends and people who love us, we remember that some of us are not surrounded by love. Some have no families, or we are part of families which are less than expressions of loving relationship. Some are all too aware of loss, this Advent, the absence of people we have loved, of loneliness, or of betrayals of love.
Some of us would rather that Christmas was past. Some of us remember others for whom Christmas is an ordeal rather than a joy.

On this day may we stay with our real feelings about the journey towards Christmas, be it joy or sorrow.

Jesus says, ‘Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full.’ John16:24

Adapted from Prayers for Life’s Particular Moments and In this Hour,  Dorothy McRae-McMahon  and Christian Aid Liturgy, ‘Light the Way’

A Blessing

This Advent,
may you know joy in the promise of
God with us.
May you know deep joy and wonder in this
even in times of uncertainty,
or sadness.
Go in peace.
and may God who spoke to, Mary, 
speak in your life,
God who came as a vulnerable child
touch you in your need 
and the Spirit give you songs of joy

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